March 2019

Location: Haute Nendaz

Customer: Interhome

Goal: Show happy family spending great holidays in an Interhome home.


Art Director: Alessandro Gatsis

Assistant Director: Stuart Unwin-Smith

Photographer: Alexandre Zveiger

Assistant: Luca Tumminello

Models: Gina, Spyros, Arghyro e Kyveli.


I begin by thanking Alessandro who gave me the opportunity to do this photoshooting for Interhome.

When I left his office in Zurich, after the thousand recommendations of how he wanted the images, I told him: everything will be fine, don’t worry.

We needed snow and sun.

After this meeting, it was a succession of weather checks. The chosen week was not the best, in fact, until the last few days it was not known if we would leave.

Alessandro decided to leave. If the weather had not allowed us to take pictures outside because it was prohibitive, we would have taken only situations inside the chalets with the family.

Luca and I left on Sunday morning, and arrived in the afternoon at Haute Nendaz, where we met the model family We were all very nice right away.

For the evening Stuart has booked an Italian restaurant, someone eats pizza, other spaghetti and between one joke and another you choose not to shoot immediately the next day because of the bad weather.

Then … the dream. The DREAM! On Monday evening it snows and on Tuesday we wake up with a sun that breaks the stones.

The day begins by photographing the family at breakfast in the chalet.

Immediately afterwards we move outside where we take advantage of the only sunny day available.

Shooting looking for perfection. The little girls are very good, no whims and they have autonomy all day.

Alessandro and Stuart, as they proceed, show me the give itself.

At the end of the first day we are upset but happy because everything went according to plan.

The second day is relaxation, the weather is not the top, we decide that we have enough exteriors and decide only for internal situations.

Thursday and Friday it snows all day, we don’t leave the house.

Saturday morning we put the chains on the wheels of the car and go back home with lots of beautiful photos.

Thank you all.