Johnny Conte

The land on which house Aly was built was extrapolated from the garden of an existing single-family house and housed a canopy for its parking lots.
The perimeter of the new house was in fact given by the natural limitations and imposed: the road to the east, the forest to the south, the garden of the existing house to the west and the neighbouring property to the north.
The share of the roof was also fixed, imposed by a height limitation of the building desired by the owners of the existing house, not by the low.
They also requested a garage for two parking spaces to be used for their house, replacing the canopy to be demolished.
So I chose to build the living spaces on one floor, at garden level, resting it on a basement base containing the garages, at street level.
The intention was to highlight the habitable level with the materials and the volume, leaving the basement, in common with the neighbors, dark and in the shade.
Our work has been focused on being able to calibrate and optimize in the best possible way the desired spaces, to be able to achieve the right balance between functionality, hospitality and aesthetics.
The main body, composed of the staircase, which comes from the basement, and the service bathroom, is a special feature of the internal layout. These two elements intertwine, almost wrapping, and form the corridor that runs around. In this way we wanted to create more intimacy in the most private part of the house.
From the entrance, rightly wanted to this floor although hidden by the road, you have a transverse perspective of the entire house, on the one hand to the dining table, through the living room, and on the other hand to the most intimate and reserved.
The house is very welcoming, bright, with free circulation and a very direct relationship with the wooded area, towards which it overlooks.