Growing up in Naples, he moved to Ticino in 2008. He studied architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio where he received his Master in Science of Architecture USI in 2015.

He works in Paris and Basel and is formed through collaboration with many well-known architects in the Ticino area.

He works as an assistant of the design course of the master in architecture at the Academy of Mendrisio. He opens his own studio Klingenberg Arkitektur SA in the historical Pollini building in Mendrisio in 2015.

He realizes architectural, interior, landscape and urban planning projects.

Alexandre’s genius appears to lie in his humility, in the disarming self-irony with which he downplays his maniacal dedication to what appears not as his work but as the deepest expression of himself. On this plane we found ourselves looking not seeing the same details, the same shadows and the same lights.