“How do you know how to do it?” “We must try to imagine it!” – R.M. Pirsig, Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Itinerant architect, he worked in German Switzerland, Sardinia and now in Ticino. His curiosity pushes him to want to investigate and understand the character and quality of places before venturing an intervention. He thinks that architecture must be part of a wider whole and not impose itself on places; believes that the value of an architecture manifests itself in resistance over time. He works with enthusiasm and is convinced that architecture has a poetic and perhaps magical dimension that can improve the world and existence.


“Besides being a great photographer, Alexandre is a great companion, with whom – between one photo and another – you can also drink a coffee, enjoy an ice cream, eat a pizza, discuss animatedly and have a laugh, in other words, simply switch a beautiful day and finally to admire what he manages to pull out and observe in dismay and with a hint of jealousy that perhaps in his photos the houses are more beautiful than in reality. Thanks Alexandre! “