Giuliano Moggio was born in Horgen (ZH) in ’68, after a few years his family moved to Ticino, first to Agno and then to Bioggio.

He attends the STS school of architecture that he finishes in 1989 obtaining the Maraini prize and the first Schindler prize established for the best student.

He starts his activity as an architect working as a designer in some well-known studios in the Lugano area, then he decides to take on the role of executive manager in an important real estate studio in Lugano, where he gains a wide experience in all the different sectors.

In 2000 he opens his own architecture studio, first in Vezia and then in Bioggio.


I thank Alexandre Zveiger for the excellent work performed, he was able to capture and enhance the positive aspects of my achievements generating, with his photos, real emotions.