He grows in the Engadine, Peru and Männedorf, Zurich. He studies architecture at the ETH Zurich and Lausanne. He works in Germany, Barcelona and Bellinzona. He opened his own studio in Lugano in 1992.

At the centre of design research is space as an expression of a way of life: space is made up of volumes, erected by a structure, built with materials. The shape of the volumes follows a logic of construction and materials.

A building is linked to a place and always represents a public act: the territorial and urban context is always a theme to which the project must respond.

At the heart of the work is finally the user who must find a favorable living environment.


“Alexandre’s spontaneity and intuition are constantly able to surprise and capture the environment of every situation and detail. The precise and serious eye, the mind seeks the ironic side of every occasion: a performer, in the trade, in life, in meetings”.