After graduating as an architect from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in 1995, he travelled for three years, one year to Southeast Asia and two years to Australia, during the last of which he worked in an architectural firm in Townsville.
On his return to Switzerland in 1998, Johnny Conte began his career by collaborating with a number of firms and architects in Ticino, from whom he learned the profession in its entirety and with whom he took part in various architecture competitions, some of which were awarded.
In 2014 he settled on his own, forming the individual company Johnny Conte architect, designing and realising single-family houses and residential buildings in general, on commission or promoting them. He continues to take part in architecture competitions, also winning awards.


As a person and architect, I like to empathize with clients in order to provide them individual spaces according to their needs.

IDuring the photo shoot of the Lumia house, Alexandre instinctively inserted himself into the harmony that formed over time between me and the owner of the house.
He took possession of the spaces created easily, immediately identifying their He easily took possession of the spaces created, immediately identifying their peculiarities
and capturing them, making it shine in his shots the same feeling as when I imagined them during their design
It was a pleasant day and we also had a nice swim in the pool.