Jachen Könz

The Camar house is located in the district of villas and residential condominiums scattered in the greenery as a residential unit of four apartments with garden and roof garden, formulating a contemporary version of the apartment organized in vertical “duplex” that enjoys the peculiarities of the landscape.

The volume is articulated towards the road with fan-shaped and hollowed out inclined parts, able to create a relationship with the road (entrances), to bring light into the rooms and to protect against the emissions of the road (chambers); the upper part of the volume is modulated with empty spaces that create roof gardens and allow the sunshine inside the apartments through the vertical space of the circulation.

The narrow and long shape of the plot is decisive for the shape and position of the building, which maintains on all sides the distances imposed by the Master Plan. The apartments are organized on two floors, with the rooms on the ground floor and with the kitchen and living room on the first floor.

The first floor is offset by a half floor, a principle that is repeated between the living room and the roof garden: this principle allows the penetration of the sun thanks to a transverse space of circulation, although the apartments are oriented completely to the north with a view towards the Malcantone.

The building consists of a prefabricated wooden frame construction, resting on a reinforced concrete base that contains the garage.

The covering is made of horizontal strips in raw douglas. The house is designed according to MINERGIE’s low energy consumption criteria.