Born in Locarno, he studied at the CSIA in Lugano, graduating in 1996 as a graphic designer. He started his creative studio in 2000, working for well-known brands in Italian-speaking Switzerland.

A spirit free from the curious soul, she likes to experiment, both professionally and personally, new points of view, new theories, new approaches to life.

It grows, over the years, in step with the evolving society and the desire to leave a trace. Mindful of his school life, he began painting again in 2005, expressing his life through bright, contrasting colours that materialize on canvas through soft shapes. While, in recent years, communication through graphics has led her to deepen her understanding of real estate marketing, approaching Home Staging, a sector now very well known in the world and increasingly well known also in Ticino.

Enhancing the spaces and lights of a home with the furniture is very passionate, each property has its own particularity that must be understood and interpreted, to find the perfect style to enhance the potential. Her great passion for traveling helps her to stay “on the piece”, to find new ideas and to keep an open and dynamic mind.


“Alexandre I’ve known him for at least 20 years, I’ve always considered him an eccentric and extravagant creative, an attentive and prepared professional. It is a pleasure for me to collaborate with him, because I am sure that the result will be optimal every time; he is honest and straightforward, he knows how to advise and optimize time. A beautiful person with whom to share even deeper thoughts about life.”