Michele Gaggini

42. House NZ / Melano / 2013 – 2015

The position and the shape of the volume are in relation with the morphology of the land and with the neighboring houses, especially with the neighboring house to the south owned by the same family.

Starting from this intention, it was decided to insert into the geometry of the existing house of the new building in order to create a unitary whole surrounded by a large garden. A single square acts as an element of union between the two buildings as well as the choice of using materials that incorporate those of the pre-existing construction.

On the ground floor two large windows open the kitchen and the living room on the surrounding landscape of the vineyards and on a large terrace that separates the house from the street. On the first floor the openings are rotated 90 ° from the ground floor to enjoy the lake view; inside a hallway connects the various rooms and a skylight opens the view of the mountains.