Davide Macullo


The Valle Verzasca is one of the most famous valleys in Ticino; a beautiful landscape with a rich history

New constructions here must firstly respond to the context before the necessities of the client, because it will outlast people and because it is our gift for the future generations.


Swisshouse XXV is situated on the edge of Mergoscia, a small village, along a steep slope with an incline of over 45 degrees, which gives the sensation of flying over the countryside, where the view disappears over the dam of Valle Verzasca into surrounding nature and its rich green woods

This is the last building plot of land of the village.


The proportions between the volumes and the reason for building over three floors stems from typical constructions found throughout the valley, allowing its integration into a landscape where old vertical buildings prevail. As a result, also the partition of the interior spaces follows the traditional arrangement of old houses of this area, with a light rotation of such elements as the stairs and a central retaining wall.


It is possible also to be multiple use: as a single family house or divided into two apartments.