Michele Gaggini

62. House G3 / Bissone / 2012-2013

The project involves the redevelopment of two adjoining houses in order to allow a rational and contemporary use, both as a place to live and as a place of work.


The two houses are located next to Contrada Veronese, the ancient route of crossing the nucleus: we tried to strengthen this pre-existence by placing the two entrances along this route.


The project aims to enter a line of continuity with the other interventions present along this Contrada, once used mainly for stables and stores and then become residential as the rest of the nucleus.


The current renovation tries to maintain both the character of the buildings and the appearance of the laboratory in contact with the courtyard. The enhancement of the peculiarities of the two buildings in order to make them homogeneous with the fabric of the country but, at the same time, to give them a specificity of their own.