Michele Gaggini

40. Upgrade of primary schools / Savosa / 2009-2015

A feasibility study dating back to 2009 on the expansion and renovation of the Municipal Schools of Savosa has decreed the maintenance of the 1967 class wing, which still represents a valid example of quality school architecture, the demolition of the 1951 wing and the construction of an underground gym.
On the basis of these considerations, a design competition was launched for a new gymnasium and a multipurpose room. To allow the internal movements of the classes and avoid costly provisionals, it was decided to renovate the building before the 1951 wing was demolished.
The intervention was performed by our study within 12 months starting from November 2010. The characteristic facade in reinforced concrete has been kept unaltered; internal insulation and window replacement interventions have allowed the RUEn 2008 standard to be achieved.
The Minergie standard would be reached with the implementation of the expansion project. The entire construction site was carried out keeping in operation two floors out of three.
.All special activities have been concentrated at the lower level instead of the multipurpose room in order to free a class room. The nuclei of the services of the intermediate and superior plan have been entirely rebuilt.
Following the political decision to postpone the realization of the winning project of the competition we proceeded with stage 2: the maintenance of the parts where the demolition was planned and the external areas.