Hamos Meneghelli

Single Family house

Design 2011 – Realisation 2012-2013

Located in the countryside of the village of Bigorio, the land is exposed to the south-east and is accessible from the municipal road, from which pedestrian and vehicular access is guaranteed.
The project exploits the difference in height between the road and the natural ground level to create a large garage and internal underground service access; above these, an outdoor patio is obtained, while the two-storey volume defines the living spaces, more backward. Two materials characterize the project; the reinforced concrete for the underground volume and the external arrangements and the facing brick for the home.

An open space on the ground floor houses the living room, the dining room, the kitchen with pantry, located at a lower level than the entrance hall. Separated are the service areas such as the wardrobe and a guest service. From the living room a large window defines the physical limit between the internal space and the outdoor patio, the latter partly used as a terrace and a natural continuation of the living room.
A comfortable staircase leads to the first floor and to the distribution area of ​​the sleeping area connected by double height to the entrance hall. Separate the master spaces with the master bedroom, wardrobe and bathroom, two single bedrooms, a toilet, a shower and a laundry complete the spaces of this floor.
At the back of the house a partially buried volume occupies the technical spaces and those serving the garden.