Michele Gaggini

07. House CZ / Melano / 2006-2008

The house is located between a farm road and a river and extends over the entire length of the lot for 56 meters, perpendicular to the waterway. This placement confers an order and a clear ending to the messy built-up behind.


The house relates with the surrounding both to a territorial scale with the mountains and the valley behind it and to a more near staircase with the garden and the vineyards. Deliberately, instead, the view is closed at an intermediate distance where the cantonal road and the nearby buildings are located.


This idea is realized through a sequence of spaces developed on one or two levels that are articulated with characteristics of orientation, of proportions, of lights, of different atmosphere. The architectural elements that bind all the spaces are the plinth that unifies the entire construction and the beam-roof that gives an image linked to the rural context where the roof covers both internal and external environments.