Chiara Bugna & Stefano Mazzi


The enchanting natural landscape, the panoramic view on the shores of the Ceresio and the Ticino pre-Alps, the temperate climate and tranquillity, have made Collina d’oro a well-known dwelling place for prominent personalities such as Hermann Hesse, Bruno Walter and Marx Horkheimer. At the foot of the hill and situated on the east bank, lies the historical nucleus of Montagnola.

The context
It is a pleasant sensation that one perceives walking along Ra Cürta, historical Street of the nucleus of Montagnola that, passing from the literary café, leads to the Piazzetta of Villa Camuzzi, the favourite dwelling of Hermann Hesse. This square is full of meanings to mark the boundary between the nucleus of Montagnola and the Belvedere that overlooks the lake of Lugano.

The project
The project area is located between the historical nucleus and the most recent residential area. The historical part, placed upstream of Villa Camuzzi and bordering with its old Stallino, has been restructured and inside it is located the entrance to the property, characterized by the typology at court. The atrium with the double-height corridor is the protagonist of the intersection of old and new spaces. The old part, which houses the sleeping area, maintains the peculiarities of the ancient structures, including the roof and the vertical openings. The new part rises from the ground exalting the horizontality of the concrete elements and making possible the large glass openings.
The relationship with the external spaces is the protagonist in the project idea. Upstream, a corner window creates a Zen garden where the type of ortus conclusus guarantees intimacy. Downstream, the large windows of the living room and the rooms reserve a direct relationship with the garden but also a panoramic view of the lake and the embattled tower of Villa Camuzzi.