Alberto Battaglia

The project in question came about almost by accident. The owner of the land, who lives in inland Switzerland, wanted to sell this piece of land. I proposed to draw up a building project on it, and he agreed.

However, I did not want to fall into the trap of speculation; I wished to propose something sought after. The context of Claro is made to be experienced mainly by families, both because of its proximity to the centers and because of the services that Claro itself offers.

The land is sloping and the only possible vehicular access is from the valley. A concrete plinth houses within it the covered parking spaces, the main entrance and the technical rooms. This large plinth has the function of breaking up the slope of the land as much as possible, ensuring that a flat garden space is created and related to the living area, which occupies the middle level. The living area is developed in the highest level.

An overhang of the sleeping level creates a protected veranda space and in relation to the garden.