Johnny Conte

The costumer’s wish was to have a large home that would open towards a generous private garden space.
Since the site’s dimensions are relatively limited, in order to have a large external area, the higher floor has been realized vast and protruding from the ground floor.
The volume of the higher floor seems to be a suspended, floating structure.
Its shape in plan creates two open external places. he bigger one is facing south, stationed at the ground floor’s height with a pool, on which overlook the main rooms, whereas the second one, a terrace facing north, is elevated to the higher floor and it offers a great view of the scenery’s mountains and villages.
The costumer’s focus was to have the intimate part of the house free of doors. The bedroom, office and library are therefore divided by the nature of their alignment needed to keep a fluid circulation. Else-ways, closed and equipped with doors are the guest room, bathroom, closet room and storage room. At this floor, besides the open terrace, there is also access to a covered one, hollowed from the volume, facing the garden and forest.
This level is therefore very open and can be perceived in its entirety and together with the surrounding environment from different perspectives, while leaving the intimate parts hidden.
The, also spacious, ground floor houses a large garage and the technical rooms in the north side and, the entrance, the kitchen, the living room and dining room in the south. The pool outside encloses the volume.
Due to the slightly higher level of the residential road compared to the private ground’s, the entrance and garage are elevated from the rest of the first floor.
The garden, at a lower level than the road, is surrounded by external walls connected to the volume of the house. So it created a closed external space that acts as an extension of the living-room’s area, unifying their appearance.
The high static strain caused by the protrusion of the higher floor that covers the porch, is justified by the desire of keeping this space uniform.