Architetti Bianchi Clerici

The building winds around the new flat area, settles in a forward position, facing the lake. The building has two main levels: the first houses the rooms and services and is oriented toward the lake; the second houses the living room, lobby and kitchen and, while maintaining the visual relationship with the lake, is oriented toward the south and the garden.

The new large flat space, which can be used for outdoor activities and is also usable by people with mobility impairments, becomes the hub of all the pathways. From the plaza all the outdoor connections unfold, offering guests a continuous path to and from all levels of the garden: amphitheater, pergola, plaza, and lawn area.
The new Miralago piazzetta is intended as a sensory pathway that allows guests, even those in wheelchairs, to reach the flower bed, reach out to touch the water in the fountain, and proceed to the belvedere.

Rooms and services occupy a single floor. This choice, in addition to providing better control of guests, makes it possible to compact the built volume and allows for greater economy, not only in construction but also in operation. Moreover, the rooms can enjoy the lake view, the same orientation and have the same configuration.

The living room, open to the lake and the Brissago islands, is oriented toward the small square and the garden. An opening glass surface determines a solution of continuity between inside and outside.