Hamos Meneghelli

Centro Lugano Sud

Design 2018 – Realization 2018-2019


Since 1991, the Lugano Sud Center is one of the most popular shopping centers in Ticino and attracts visitors from both Switzerland and Northern Italy. Built in two successive phases, after several years of activity the management has changed its corporate identity and revised the exhibition concept, defining new standards translated into the project presented.

In addition to expressing the new image within the project, the expressed will is to give more depth and brightness to the spaces.

The new image of the center is the result of a restyling carried out on the common part of the spaces and lasted 18 months, always guaranteeing the operation and safety of the center.



The interventions involved the reconstruction of the pavements and the false ceilings of the external square and of the internal halls, inserting new light bodies in the latter.

More punctual interventions are considered the new entrance doors, the demolition and reconstruction of some elevators and hoists, the opening of new windows, as well as the creation of new services for personnel and customers.

Throughout the center, new signage and interactive LED walls have been set up.